Real House

Comprehensive building cover for your rental property. This policy may only be purchased as a combo package with any of the Landlord Preferred Policies

Details of what’s Covered

Real House Policy Real House
Loss to your House
  • Replacement to sum insured
Demand surge protection
  • 10%
Extended sum insured for fire
  • Sum insured plus 20%
Garden retaining walls
  • $25,000
Gradual Damage to your House
  • $3,000
House under minor alteration
  • $20,000
  • $3,000
Natural disaster damage
Removal of trees
  • $1,000
Smart system replacement
  • $500
Sustainability Upgrade
  • $15,000
Methamphetamine decontamination*
  • $30,000*
Intentional Damage to your rental property X
Loss of rents benefits
Loss of rent for damage to your house
  • Up to 8 months
Policy maximum rent per week X
Uninhabitable rental property X
Prevention of access X
Optional Benefits
Garden retaining walls Sum insured
Recreational Features Sum insured
Special Features Sum insured

* We will pay up to a maximum of $15,000 under all sections of Real Landlord Preferred Premier and the
combined maximum amount we will pay under all policies underwritten by us is limited to $30,000.

We are not able to assist you.

Your property must be managed by an Approved Property Management Company who will undertake the necessary and lawful steps to manage the property efficiently, thus minimising the risks involved in Residential Property Investment.

With their knowledge and professionalism, they manage the property in the best interest of both the Landlord and Real Landlord Insurance. The property owner is the Insured Party, however the Property Management Company is the Administrator of the Policy, hence the reason why all correspondence, invoices etc. must be directed through them,
they will also process a claim on your behalf, providing all the necessary documentation and evidence to assist with the claim procedure.

Contact REAL to find out where approved property management companies are in your region.